Surprise proposals are one of the most thrilling things we love to capture.  When it all comes together perfectly the emotion is unmatched!! Samir created EXACTLY that with his amazingly planned surprise proposal for his girlfriend Guinwa. We worked together to set it up as a photoshoot for them as a couple while they were in town for an event.  Samir wanted to go to a few different locations to disctract Guinwa from figuring out the plan, which we acted like was my idea.  I have to say I’m not the best actor, but I managed to pull it off. At the last location, I had to convince them to rush so we could get a few pictures in front of a helicopter at the Waldorf Astoria “that my friend who manages the resort said would be there.” Guinwa was elated about the idea!  Through each location we shot video as well, and told her it was for marketing purposes (when actually it was to capture the sequence of events leading up to their proposal).  We also told Guinwa we had some extra florals from the “previous days shoot” and could use them to shower herself in flowers and make a really amazing image.  She bought it!  We did a few practice shots to prepare – then on the last shot as Guinwa was facing away, Samir got down on his knee and took out the ring.  “On the count of 3.. 1, 2,3!”  Guinwa turned to throw the rose peddles and saw her future husband on one knee.  Needless to say, she was stunned and took a minute to get out the actual ‘yes’, but the moment was absolutely amazing!  We were so honored to be a part of this day!!  Watching them fly off in the helicopter was the perfect fairytale ending to this perfect proposal story and we can’t wait to see what’s to come for this amazing couple and their journey together.  Get out your tissues and watch their ‘Perfect Proposal’ below.

Photography:  Brandon Kari Productions

Videographer:  Brandon Kari Productions

Venue 1:  Downtown Winter Garden

Venue 2:  Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando

Venue 3:  Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Flower Peddles:  Betty J’s Florist

Planner:  The Heart Bandits

Helicopter Service:  Max Flight Helicopter

the perfect surprise proposal