As photographers and videographers, we have the immense honor of capturing life’s most treasured moments through our lenses. On the summer day of July 15, 2023, we had the privilege of documenting Nic and Kailee’s wedding at The White Room in St. Augustine, Florida. Every detail, every emotion, and every fleeting expression were immortalized in our work, and we’re thrilled to take you behind the scenes of this unforgettable celebration of love.

As photographers and videographers, our mission is to preserve the raw emotions that make each wedding unique. From the nervous excitement before the ceremony to the overwhelming joy during the vows, every fleeting moment was documented with care. Nic’s eyes locked on Kailee as she walked down the aisle, and the love in his gaze spoke volumes about the depth of their connection.

The floral arrangements at Nic and Kailee’s wedding were nothing short of artistry. We made sure to capture every intricate detail of the delicate blooms that adorned the venue. The soft pastels and touches of gold complemented the couple’s radiant energy, creating an atmosphere of elegance and timeless beauty.

As photographers, we were wow’d by Kailee’s bridal glow and Nic’s charm. Kailee’s ethereal gown and Nic’s grey suit were a match made in heaven, and we took every opportunity to capture the love and happiness that radiated from the couple and their bridal party throughout the day.

The reception space and balcony at The White Room offered a breathtaking view of the city, and it was the perfect spot for the reception. Twinkling fairy lights and the city’s glow created an enchanting ambiance, and we were there to capture every heartfelt toast, every tearful embrace, and every joyous dance that filled the night.

As photographers and videographers, we have the privilege of capturing the essence of love in its purest form. Nick and Kailee’s wedding at The White Room was a celebration of love, family, and cherished connections. Our cameras allowed us to preserve the love story that unfolded on that magical summer day in St. Augustine, Florida.
We extend our warmest wishes to Nic and Kailee as they embark on this beautiful journey together. May the memories we’ve captured serve as a timeless reminder of the love they shared on their wedding day, and may their love continue to grow stronger with each passing moment.

Photography and Videography: Brandon Kari Productions
Venue: The White Room
Hair: Angela Byrd
Makeup: Christina Burns
Dress: Nicole Maree Bridal
Floral: Flowerworks
DJ: Beachside Entertainment
Grooms Cake: Creme de la Cocoa