The Adventure of the Day

The thrill of adventure and the power of love converged as I embarked on a wedding photography journey at the stunning Bramble Tree Estate. Jackson Bates and Emerson Wells dared to be different, and their remarkable wedding, featured in People Magazine , was no ordinary celebration. It was an adventure-filled day full of ice cream, bounce houses, corn hole, and family. I was privileged to document their love story through a dynamic blend of digital and film photography, as well as videography.

Setting the Stage: Bramble Tree Estate

Nestled amidst the pristine countryside, Bramble Tree Estate was the perfect canvas for this unique wedding. Surrounded by rolling hills and serene ponds, it set the stage for an unforgettable day that combined the thrill of adventure with the beauty of love.

The Adventure of Film Photography

Adventure and film photography go hand in hand. The rugged charm of film captured the raw beauty of the day, from the subtle shades of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the candid, unscripted moments shared by the couple. Film photography introduced a timeless and adventurous quality to their wedding album.
The grain and earthy tones of film added an authentic, vintage touch to the images, bringing out the rawness of the day’s adventure.

Embracing the Digital Frontier

In the fast-paced moments of this adventurous wedding, digital photography was the perfect companion. It offered the agility to seize every dynamic instant, from the exhilarating ceremony to the lively reception. Digital photography allowed me to adapt swiftly to ever-changing light conditions, capturing not just moments, but the thrill and the passion.
This daring approach ensured every detail was captured with precision, preserving the essence of adventure and love in every shot.

The Dynamic Tale in Videography

Adventure transcends still moments, and so we turned to videography to bring their love story to life. Videography amplified the emotions and movements of this incredible day. The heartfelt vows, joyous laughter, and even heartfelt tears were immortalized in motion.
Watching the wedding video, one not only sees but feels the love, passion, and adventure that radiated from Jackson and Emerson and their loved ones. It was a cinematic journey of a love story that defied convention. You can find some more cinematic films we have done here: BK Cinematography


The adventure of Jackson Bates and Emerson Wells wedding at Bramble Tree Estate was an extraordinary tale of love, daring, and exceptional beauty, featured in People Magazine for its unique approach. The combination of digital and film photography, along with videography, allowed us to preserve every facet of their adventure.
As an adventure wedding photographer, these are the moments we love to capture. Capturing the love, the thrill, and the unforgettable moments of such a unique celebration was a privilege. If you’re planning your own adventure wedding, consider the diverse benefits of combining digital and film photography along with videography to capture every exhilarating moment. Your love story is a daring adventure, and we’re here to make sure it’s remembered as such, in all its wild and wonderful glory.


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