Inspiring Change

Brandon & Lauren Kari

We started our company with the goal of telling great stories around the world.  We felt our calling through the business was to help tell the stories of God at work in and among the ministries around the world.  

Our business serves as a means to contribute to the community and generate a positive ripple effect in the lives of others. We are committed to facilitating transformation in the connections our couples share, enhancing our personal lives, and making a meaningful contribution to the community. Through our work, we aspire to inspire lasting change and create a better future for all. 

Each wedding or project we book now has a portion of the investment set aside to tell these stories of God moving in big ways around the world.  As we capture our amazing couples wedding story, they will be able to connect with a mission that is directly benefitted from their package. They will then be able to engage in following the story as it unfolds from their impact.  We hope you follow along as we are able to bring light to the great ways God is moving around the world.  

A Teaser from some of our recent trips and an organization we are teaming up with.