What a magical engagement session! When all aligns and you get a day with beautiful weather and a wonderful sunset you have to count yourself blessed. Then when you add the most playful and joyous couple possible it makes for an unforgettable engagement session. This photo shoot was about as close to perfect as you can get. Dillon and Lindsey were so joyous and playful which always makes my job easier capturing the essence of these two. Just allow them to enjoy each other and dace into the sunset is how it should always work. The perfect shoot with the most wonderful couple! I can’t wait to see their smiles and affection for each other on their wedding day. Here is a quick look into their wonderful Lake Luisa State Park engagement session.

lake luisa engagement

The Art of Movement

Gif when you don't have video

In the current state of photography most image creators will capture multiple images per sequence or pose. So, when there is no video to capture the beauty of movement it helps to string your images together in a gif. This allows for the the look of movement and can be styled however you like. Its so satisfying to see images come to life in this way!